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BladeME Slant Blades

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BladeME Slant Blades

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£24.99 Inc. VAT

BladeME Microblading Blades
Shape: Slant blades
Pins: 14
0.18mm 14 slant, or 0.25mm 14 slant
50 pc. Box

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ULTRA CRISP: The perfect size blade to provide Ultra Thin microbladed strokes, while providing thorough stroke saturation.

MAX PIGMENT: This blade gives Maximum pigment saturation to each stroke. If you have a difficult time seeing your strokes after 1st pass, this blade is a game changer!


Quantity per box: 50 units

Blade Shape: Slant

#Pins: 14

Blade Thickness: .18mm, .25mm

Weight: 0.88 oz – 1.02 oz

Each blade is individually packages and sterilized

Type: Lot # and expiration date on each blade bag

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Ultra Crisp 0.18mm 14 Slant, Max Pigment 0.25mm 14 Slant


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