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MicroPoint® Curved Magnum

MicroPoint Curved Magnum Long Taper PMU Precision Needle Cartridge

MicroPoint® Curved Magnum

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£28.99 Inc. VAT

Available Diameters 0.30, 0.35
Needle Count 07
Configuration CM – Curved Magnum
Taper LT – Long Taper
Finish P – Polished
Recommended Use Blending, Shading and colour packing
Quantity 20pcs per box

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Curved Magnum

The Curved Magnum from the MicroPoint® range consists of polished long tapered needles layered in a woven formation. The needles are soldered into an arched shape for minimal trauma and to best conform with the contours of the skin. When using larger configurations there is naturally more resistance from the skin, for this reason, our MicroPoint® Curved Magnum is created using long tapered needles which will pierce the skin more easily and are accurately spaced apart. The long taper reduces the size of each individual puncture which creates minimal trauma and allows the technician to build colour in layers, whereas the spacing of the needles reduces the risk of oversaturating the skin with a larger needle grouping.

Please enrol in our FREE online course ‘AcuPoint® & MicroPoint® Know Our Needles’ for an in-depth breakdown of our needle code.

MicroPoint® Precision Cartridge System

MicroPoint® Precision Cartridge System has been developed by Leah Richardson – The Cosmetic Tattooist, founder and co-owner of Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies.

Each MicroPoint® needle cartridge is built using only long tapered needles which are polished to a sharp point from 7mm to the tip of the needle. Long tapered needles create the smallest puncture in comparison to other traditionally tapered needles as the longer the taper, the smaller the diameter of the section of the needle which punctures the skin. Although the needles are incredibly sharp, this diameter helps minimise the surface area and trauma done with each puncture and allows the technician to layer and pack colour without overworking the skin.

The MicroPoint® range benefits from every possible support component available. To minimise needle flex, the soldered needle bars are encased in plastic tubing which is surrounded by a stabiliser to ensure smooth and precise needle oscillation with maximum stability, perfect for precision work or for technicians who just love a long tapered needle.

MicroPoint® Needle Features:

Universal Fit  Compatible with machines such as Xion S, Bellar, Rook Quill, Mast, Valhalla etc

Safety Membrane  Full safety membrane to prevent backflow and contamination of machine

Needle Code  Custom designed needle coding developed with PMU Artists in mind

Long Taper  Polished 7mm to a sharp point

Multiple Diameters  Available diameters are 0.18, 0.25, 0.30, 0.35


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0.30 – 07 Curved Magnum – Long Taper – Polished, 0.25 – 07 Curved Magnum – Long Taper – Polished


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