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Hello and welcome to the CT Supplies online colour chart. We have created this interactive digital colour chart to enable us to provide the most up to date information and real life swatches for Perma Blend pigments and their collaborative lines.

Within each pigment selection you will find the following:

A digital swatch

This digital swatch is the artwork provided for the sales of these pigments and is a general and rough guide to the colour style.

Colour Temperature

The colour temperature describes how cool or warm a colour is. We utilise the Pro-Approach method of colours being Cool, Neutral-Cool, Neutral-Warm, Warm and Ash.

Suggested Fitzpatrick Use

We make suggestions on the most appropriate skin tones for the specific colours to be used on. Bear in mind that some pigments will be fine to use outside of our recommendation however always use with caution, assess your client skin, their requested value of colour and undertone. Always make an informed decision.

Value of Colour

The value of colour is how light – dark a pigment is. This will be described as Dark value, Dark-Mid Value, Mid (/Medium) Value, Mid-Light Value, Light Value.


This is most commonly found in descriptions for lips pigments which are categorised as either natural or vibrant. Natural colours will be more nude, earthy natural/muted tones whereas vibrant colours will generally be brighter, stronger more vivid colours.

Base Colour

Base colour describes the most colourant in the pigment mixture. This is included for reference but Hue of pigment is more important and descriptive with regards to colour undertone.

Hue of Pigment

This describes the undertone of the pigment colour and will help you decide whether the pigment is an appropriate colour choice for your client skin undertones or for your colour correction. Hue of pigment is describes by the hue’s on the colour wheel. Eg. Violet-red, Red, Red-Orange, Orange, Yellow-Orange etc.


This is a simple list of ingredients in order of quantity. These are described by whether they are organic or inorganic, their hue and their listing number. For example: Organic Yellow 42

Notes on colour

The notes on the colour give a simple description of the colour and its suggested use.

SDS Sheet download

 We have included a download link to the most up to date Safety Data Sheet for each provided colour swatch.

Pigment Drawdown

A pigment draw down shows the colour in full saturation, mid saturation and very low saturation. These are real life swatches of each pigment colour which have been scanned in and will be updated as and when a pigment it reformulated.

We are dedicated to providing the most up to date information as possible, however as this colour chart has been developed independently and not in association with Perma Blend, we can only work with the information that is provided to us. For this reason, we recommend utilising this colour chart for your pigment selection, however always compare the notes to your own drawdowns and make final analysis using your Pro-Approach pigment analysis techniques learnt in your online training. Perma Blend has been and is still going through reformulations so your pigment bottle / batch number may vary from the updated versions in our swatches. We aim to update any reformulated pigment or add new colours as soon as reasonably possible.

Please note: This is a guide which has been created to aid in colour selection for permanent make up artists but does not guarantee results. CT Supplies are not liable for the outcome of any permanent make up procedures.

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