The Cosmetic Tattooist: Smokey Eyeliner Tutorial

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Welcome to ‘Cosmetic Tattoo Tutorials’, by Leah Raja – The Cosmetic Tattooist. This concept was created out of the need for honest, realistic, and relatable education. As we all know, our clients rarely fit into the box of the perfect client with perfect skin however, most models used for demonstration purposes whether that be face-to-face or for online education are specifically chosen for their skin type, eye colour, lip shape, etc which in turn can give artists an unrealistic expectation of how each treatment should go. For this reason, the clients for ‘Cosmetic Tattoo Tutorials’ are not filtered and selected for any other reason than that they would like the treatment done and are willing to have their beautiful faces filmed. This is raw, unedited, uncut footage of my treatment from start to finish. Watch from my eyes view to help understand the stretches and placement, with an additional side view so you never miss a thing.

Not only do you have my explanations from the treatment footage, but to ensure I provide you with the most thorough information and education possible, the tutorial is combined with reaction commentary from when I watched the treatment back.

In this video, I take on an eyeliner upgrade on a client of mine on who I performed an iron oxide lash enhancement four years prior. My client had very superficial vascular activity which isn’t visible on the eyelids until stretched. During this treatment, you will see me create a smokey-winged eyeliner and my signature lower smokes. You’ll see my efficient lash line technique, how I work both eyes from one side of the bed, and my different stretches for each area. You’ll also see me battle through my fair share of complications during this treatment. The reaction footage provides a thorough in-depth explanation of everything going on in the treatment and more!

Eyeliner Upgrade – Smokey Eyeliner over 4-year-old iron oxide lash enhancement

Oily Fitz 2 with lots of superficial vascular activity

Mast Magi

AcuPoint .18 01 Liner Shader – Polished
MicroPoint .30 03 Round Shader – Polished

Single Needle – 5.2 (As low as 4.8 when working very slowly)
3 Round Shader – 6.2

Black – Permablend Eyeliner Black 10: 2 Permablend Orange Crush
Brown – Evenflo Hazel


  • Smokey lower liner technique
  • Efficient lash line technique with 3RS
  • Working both eyes from one side
  • Stretch techniques for large eyes and lower lids


  • Resistant outer corners
  • Migration/hit vessel scare
  • Watery Eyes

Treatment Difficulty:
Medium – Due to superficial vasc